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Bat Rules
All wood, metal and alloy barreled bats with a maximum barrel of 2 ¼ ” diameter, a maximum BPF of 1.15, a maximum length of 33 inches and with a maximum drop differential of -12. COMPOSITE BARRELED bats meeting these requirements will be allowed if they are approved for Little League play as evidenced by a LITTLE LEAGUE stamp (ONLY) on the bat.
Bronco Playoffs

Coaches should please submit playoff scores here.

Bronco (5th & 6th grade) House League

The Bronco League (5th & 6th graders) is organized to achieve competitive balance. All participants are required to attend an evaluation session in February. Beginning in 2015 the League started forming teams through a draft where coaches select their teams in a 12 round selection process. Coaches are provided detailed information on players' skills and experience. The draft methodology ensures teams have an even distribution of players by skill and grade. 

Generally, each team plays one or two games during the week and has a game on Saturday. In addition, each team has a practice at least every other week and sometimes weekly depending on field availability.

Children play both outfield and infield positions in each game (a league requirement) to help ensure a positive experience and maximize skill development. The entire roster bats each game and equal play is also mandatory. Games generally start at 5:45pm during the week, and are played throughout the day on Saturday. Games are up to 7 innings and last about 2 hours.  The season concludes with a double elimination tournament.

For additional information, please go to the Contact List page and find the listing of commissioners.

Player Position Philosophy

Equal play rules are a priority in our Bronco House league and are detailed within the KWBA Bronco Leaue Rules. Coaches are strongly encouraged to use the Lineup template 7 inning.xls before each game to organize player positioning accordingly.



6.3. Equal Play Rules – The KWBA House Leagues put an extremely high emphasis on player safety and equal play. These rules must be followed without exception. 

6.3.1. No available player on any team will sit out more than one (1) defensive half (½) of an inning until all available players on that team have also sat out one (1) defensive half (½) of an inning and so on for consecutive numbers of defensive half (½) innings. In other words, no player may sit for 3 defensive half innings until every players has sat for 2 defensive half innings. 

6.3.2.Each player must play an INFIELD position for the full defensive half inning no later than the end of 4th inning of the game. Every player must play 2 full defensive half innings in the infield no later than the end of 6th inning of the game. An infield position includes pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, third base and shortstop. 

6.3.3.Each player must play an OUTFIELD position for the full defensive half inning no later than end of the 4th inning of the game.


7.2. A fifth (5th) grader must pitch at least one inning [defined as three consecutive outs in an inning] no later than the 4th inning of the game. In the event a fifth grade pitcher is unable to finish an inning for any reason, the team remains obligated to fulfill the "fifth grade inning" requirement and may substitute another fifth grader who has not pitched in that game to complete the 3 consecutive outs requirement. If 5 runs are scored while a 5th grade pitcher is in the game prior to obtaining 3 outs that will satisfy the 5th grade pitcher requirement for the game.