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KWBA Coaches/GMs Expectations & FAQs

  1. Send out Introductory email to parents once your team is assigned.
  2. Confirm your team parent and advise your Commissioner or GM of your selection.
  3. Reach out to your team via email/mobile app and set up time to meet
  1. Meet up with your other coach and review roles, responsibilities and workload.
  2. Meet team and conduct first practice. Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.
  3. Distribute uniforms prior to scheduled 1st game.
  1. Coaches will be on time and waiting for players to arrive at games and practices.
  2. Coaches will come prepared to practices with a complete practice plan provided by the KWBA Program Outline. Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.
  3. Coaches will come prepared to games with the line up and some will require to have pitchers in mind. Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.
  4. Coaches should always carry (or have a team parent carry) with them a Binder or via the Mobile App with complete contact list for the team, complete Game Schedule with game locations and a copy of their Game Rules.
  5. Coaches should be knowledgeable of the game rules, including any unique rules related to their league (e.g. Fielding, Batting, Pitching rules, length of games, tiebreakers). Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.
  1. Coaches will dress properly for all events in athletic attire. For games this includes the coaches’ shirt and team hat and khaki (or khaki-like) shorts. No sandals or bare feet.
  2. The coaches are responsible for the following Player Uniform Regulations:
    ■ NO flat brims or hats worn to the side
    ■ Socks must be showing
    ■ All shirts and jerseys must be tucked in at all times
    ■ Belts must be worn at all times
  1. Coaches should always be a role model of exemplary character. This includes behavior towards players, umpires, each other, the opposing team and players, and fans.
  2. Coaches should never use foul language.
  3. Look like and act like a coach/leader.
  4. Coaches will turn off their cell phone during practices and games (except for mobile app). There will be no non-game related texting or calling during the event.
  5. Coaches should have a phone available, however, in case of emergency.
  6. Coaches will not smoke, drink or use smokeless tobacco in any time or place proximate to team events.

REMEMBER: These are NOT yet high school players. It is important that every coach understands that these players still need to be coached on the field - positioning defensively, covering 1st base, location in the batters box, catchers being too far/too close to the hitter, etc. Obviously, less of this as they get older, but they do need the feedback ‘in-inning’ as well as ‘post-inning’.

Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.

  1. Pre-season Spring Training starting March with House League/Travel League.
  2. In-season 1 - 2 weekly skills clinic in addition to games.
  3. In-season 1 – 2 weekly team practices in addition to games.
  4. 1 game per week.
  5. Conduct “early work” for before practices and games for players needing additional, individualized work.
  6. Typical practice should last about 60 - 90 minutes, depending of age group/league. Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.
  7. Coaches will make best efforts to complete the outline of expected skills for their age level. Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.
  1. Coaches will report scores in accordance with league requirements via the Mobile App. Refer to KWBA Program Outline for your league.
  2. Confirm all games as posted on the KWBA website and linked to your mobile app.
  3. ALWAYS confirm with the opposing coach and send confirmation email to the League, copying the opposing coach, particularly with weather and field conditions changes.
  4. Game cancellations are called by the House League Commissioner or Travel Team GM. This will be posted on the KWBA website and board casted via the mobile app.
  5. The following assignments need to be made by the head coach for every game:
    ■ Positioning: One coach must continually evaluate defensive position of every play and make adjustments accordingly.
    ■ Bench Coach: During games it is important for the coaches to engage with those players who are sitting, and educate them on the nuances of the game.
  1. Coaches are ultimately responsible for capturing and maintaining appropriate team and player statistics, including statistics relating to batting and pitching. Please consult your league rule for modifications for each league ie. House and Travel league.
  2. The Assistant Coach is responsible for ensuring that complete statistics are kept for the entire season (This role will typically be delegated to the 3rd coach, however the assistant coach needs to make sure that this is completed.
  3. The assistant coach need to confirm that either the team coach for house and GM for travel or another appropriate parent can take responsibility for this during the season.
  4. The spare scorebook needs to be kept in the equipment bag at all times in case mobile app is not operation (e.g. dead battery, etc.).
  1. Coaches will be open to constructive input from the Team GM/Commissioners.
  2. There should be frequent communication with parents / players – minimum weekly, more often is preferred. The Team GM, if applicable, should be able to facilitate this.
  3. Create a distribute a season calendar with games and practices.
  4. Send a follow up schedule out every two weeks as the season progresses.
  5. Provide input to individual parents as issues or questions arise – the Commissioner and Team GM should be helpful here.
  6. Always forward major issues / complaints to the League Commissioner or Team GM for teams.
  7. Always copy the Commissioner/Team GM on all emails and parent communications.
  8. Injury - Whenever a player has a injury that causes them to be removed from a game (not a sore arm per se, but if someone turns an ankle, etc.), the head coach must reach out to those parents that evening to confirm the seriousness of said injury.
  1. Coaches should always be at the field prior to the arrival of the players via their carpool.
  2. Coaches can meet/depart with the team from the designated carpool departure location, however for liability considerations should not drive any players to/from games.
  3. Any exceptions to this rule must be disclosed immediately to the league Commissioner/Team GM .
  1. Clean up all the equipment and bag.
  2. Return equipment to the designated location.
  3. Complete player evaluations and return them to the Team GM for Travel League.
  1. The KWBA Board selects Volunteer House League Commissioner(s) and Travel League Commissioner(s).
  2. The Volunteer House League Commissioner(s) selects their league coaches.
  3. The Volunteer Travel League Commissioner(s) selects the Travel GM(s).
  1. All baseball rules are reviewed and approved by the League Commissioner's every season.
  2. To review the rules and print them out, please click here.
  3. Mustang - Bronco Team Selection Process i.e. Player Draft - see rules here.



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